Celebrities Busted Without Makeup

Most celebs wouldn’t be caught dead without makeup, but sometimes they find themselves in the wrong place — right in front of the paparazzi’s camera.

Vanessa Hudgens
She definitely has a pretty face, but her cheeks look slimmer when she uses blush. And that sexy tan… it doesn’t exist at all.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Angelina Jolie - Photo
 Angelina Jolie
Do you see any difference? Not really, right? Angelina is a beauty and she has a nice and healthy skin.

Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Miley Cyrus - Photo
Miley Cyrus
All sweaty and making funny faces, it’s hard to tell who she is. Without make up, Miley doesn’t seem to be that pretty, right?
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Jennifer Lopez - Photo
Jennifer Lopez
She’s a diva on the red carpet and wherever she shows up, everyone notices. But she needs to thank her stylist, because without any makeup, she looks extremely pale and quite different from the artist so many girls want to imitate and boys wanna meet.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Brooke Shields - Photo
Brooke Shields
Her beautiful eyes must be hidden somewhere behind those wrinkles… can you see them? And of course, we are aware that Brooke likes to show off a nice natural tan.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Kim Kardashian - Photo
Kim Kardashian
It was hard to recognize Kim. Without the eyelashes and lipstick, her sensuality is completely lost.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Jennifer Garner - Photo
Jennifer Garner
Maybe she was in a hurry and that’s why she looks so pale. Jen, if you are going out like that, please, at least wear dark sunglasses to cover those eyebags! Blush is probably one of her favorite cosmetics.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Adriana Lima - Photo
Adriana Lima
Supermodel, work your thing! Proof once more that even someone who’s supposed to be one of the prettiest ladies in the world looks super ordinary without an inch of makeup.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Jessica Biel - Photo
Jessica Biel
Did Justin Timberlake really leave Cameron Diaz for her? Oh, wait … we just remembered what Cameron looks like without makeup. Never mind. But Biel is looking rather plain in the photo at left.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Drew Barrymore - Photo
Drew Barrymore
Drew was named one of the most beautiful people on Earth by PEOPLE magazine; she even graced the cover. In fact, to prove her beauty they published pictures of her without any makeup. They “only” applied base to cover her imperfections and to add a little color. But here you see Drew with no color at all.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Alicia Silverstone - Photo
Alicia Silverstone
After appearing in several music videos with rock band Aerosmith, the cute actress instantly made her way into the dreams of thousand of men everywhere and even won the award for ‘Most Desirable Female’ at the MTV Movie Awards. Well, we’re sorry to turn those dreams into nightmares, but this is how her face looks without makeup.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Dayanara Torres - Photo
Dayanara Torres
The former Miss Universe and Mrs. Marc Anthony (you know, before he classily left her for J.Lo) shows off her natural look. But with those crazy raccoon eyes, we’re not sure if the “after” look is the best for her.

Wow, nice curls! Makes someone appreciate that their makeup kit truly is “Irreplaceable”. Hey, Sasha Fierce, the makeup aisle is: “To the left, to the left”.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Rosario Dawson - Photo
Rosario Dawson
Her style has always been simple and apparently doesn’t usually carry lots of makeup. Although concealer would help to cover her dark circles, we still think she’s a natural beauty.
Celebrities Busted Without Makeup - Cameron Diaz - Photo
Cameron Diaz
With no makeup Cameron Diaz shows the world her acne. Also, her blue eyes are less noticeable, her skin color very pale, and her nose looks wider. Oh… the magic of the shades and shadows!

Halle Berry
Change that little face Halle Berry, because we already saw your natural look and we do see the difference. The sexy actress, also considered one of the most desirable, knows how to take advantage of makeup.


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